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Silent Victims

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  2007.07.26  20.52
Cruelty towards animals in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Please HELP!

Dear all!

Let us tell you some recent facts about cruelty towards animals in Chernihiv, Ukraine

1. Instead of putting an animal to sleep with the use of euthanasia (i.e. the act of killing an animal painlessly), the animal service uses dithylinum (suxamethonium chloride), a poison which paralyzes the animal and causes it to die of suffocation in a few hours of agony. There is ample evidence that the poor creatures are still conscious and feel all the pain before they die. It is often the case that animals are beaten with legs and metal sticks, whereupon they are buried alive.

2. 20.04.2007, the "Yasen" factory area: the dog named Lisa (the one with a collar) was killed close to her home, and 25.04.2007 several dogs, who also had their owners, were brutally killed nearby the houses and yards they used to live in.

3. 8.06.2007, Savchuk St.: a pregnant dog named Betty, who used to live in the yard for 10 years, was cruelly slaughtered before people's eyes. Since the poison dose was not enough, the dog was trying to crawl away, but the bastards got into the car and ran the dog over. On hearing about this horrible accident, an elderly man, who used to take care of this dog, went deep in shock and his feet failed under him., Odintsova St.: a puppy (vaccinated and wearing a collar) was brutally killed before the children's eyes (there is a kindergarten nearby).

5. Winter 2007: the workers of the animal service were trying to beat a little dog (only 25 cm high) to death. The dog lost its eye and a jaw. The woman who was trying to rescue the dog was threatened with poison.

6. Little puppies are thrown into a pit to their dying mother, where they suffer of hunger and heat for several days, and then slowly die.

7. The service charges only UAH 1.6 to kill a dog, whereas the city administration allocates UAH 100 per 1 dog!

Help us stop the bloody slaughter! Sign the petition!

THANK YOU for not being indifferent

Please contact us at:


Volunteers of Stray Animals Support Forum,
Kiev, Ukraine

http://forum.doggy.kiev.ua/viewforum.php?f=53 (English)


  2005.01.11  22.04

YAY! new member!
very silent!


  2005.01.10  17.43
Cat & Dog Fur Trade

Ok, im gonna get things started, under the cut you will find part of an article that was published by the 'Humane Society International' Last year on the cat & Dog Fur trade. Importing and exporting of cat and dog fur to Australia has now been banned, but not without help from many willing volunteers. My friend and i sent signed petitions to the prime minister, and there was a large campaign held against the trade. I am warning you guys that there are some disturbing pictures under the cut so if you're easily squeemish, click at your own risk ;)  Even though  the trade has been stopped in Australia, there are still many countries which support it.

If you want to see the full article and more on these issues, you can visit http://www.hsi.org.au

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  2005.01.10  14.07

Hello everybody, the purpose of this community is to shed light on the abuse and cruelty suffered by animals all over the globe, it is so shameful that we do these things to such beautiful animals, i will be posting things that i find around the internet, particularly from www.hsi.org of which i am a member. I hope that i get at least a few members, you can feel free to post anything that you like about the cause, any pictures or information you find and such.

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