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Cat & Dog Fur Trade

Ok, im gonna get things started, under the cut you will find part of an article that was published by the 'Humane Society International' Last year on the cat & Dog Fur trade. Importing and exporting of cat and dog fur to Australia has now been banned, but not without help from many willing volunteers. My friend and i sent signed petitions to the prime minister, and there was a large campaign held against the trade. I am warning you guys that there are some disturbing pictures under the cut so if you're easily squeemish, click at your own risk ;)  Even though  the trade has been stopped in Australia, there are still many countries which support it.

If you want to see the full article and more on these issues, you can visit

 Dog & Cat Fur Trade

"What is that they're wearing" by HSUS

Two million cats and dogs will be thanking the Prime Minister and his Customs Minister tonight, after the announcement that Australia will ban imports of products made from their fur. So too will the 70,000 Australians that signed Humane Society International’s petition to the Prime Minister calling for the ban.

In July 2003 Humane Society International (HSI) exposed the horrific cruelties involved in the global cat and dog fur trade and revealed its grisly products are on sale in Australia.

“Today (21st May 2004) HSI congratulates the Coalition Government for taking a clear stand against the trade. Australian consumers certainly don’t want to buy cat and dog fur and Australian retailers don’t want to be at risk of selling it”, said Nicola Beynon, HSI spokeperson.

HSI’s 18 month investigation revealed appalling animal abuses at the fur farms in Asia, killing an estimated 2 million cats and dogs a year, and the deception tactics used by the merchandisers to sell the fur to unsuspecting dog and cat loving consumers in countries like Australia. Clothing and toys made from cat and dog fur are deliberately mislabelled as fictitious animals or not labelled at all.

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